We are a group of East 15 graduates who live in a social bubble of creativity in East London. 

Together, we aim to create socially conscious and daring pieces of theatre that will leave an audience wanting more.

Thanks to our versatile team of artists we are able to develop our own unique style that includes, but is not limited to: 

avant-garde choreography, original music, aesthetic visuals and enthralling stories. 

Gemma Ortega

as Mandy

She is an actress and director from Barcelona based in London. She is a versatile and determined performer that brings the Catalan warmth to every project. In 2016 she graduated from GFCA’s Acting Foundation and in 2020 graduated from East 15 Acting School with Honours. Gemma has worked with Sisu Theatre and Double Trouble Theatre. She also went to Moscow twice (in July 2019 and October 2020) to study directing, biomechanics and the Stanislavski method through GITIS and Russian Seasons. She is also passionate in physical theatre and writing which are the core of her own works.

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Ronja Ritter
as Lucy

She grew up in Germany and after finishing school moved to New Zealand and later the UK to eventually study at a UK drama school. As a „Worldie“ Ronja was trained in various international acting and performance techniques and even had the pleasure to spend a month of intense training at GITIS, one of Russia’s leading drama schools. In addition to that she is also a theatre-maker and qualified stilt performer.

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Felix Ryder

as Hervey

He is an actor, singer songwriter and musician (guitar and saxophone), based in London. With training in South Korean martial arts. Felix is a BRIT school and EAST 15 World Performance graduate, trained in Balinese, African and Indian dance. And attended the Philippe Gaulier summer intensive. He hopes to be working in theatre, devising new work and involve himself in radio plays, with a focus on sound and foley.

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David Westgate 

as Chris

He graduated with honours from BA World Performance at East 15 Acting School in 2020 and is a graduate of the Cert HE foundation course in 2017. He also studied at GITIS in Moscow in 2019. He is an aspiring videographer and musician along side his main journey as an actor. David appeared in Thiasos' first post lockdown performance of 'Ploutos'  at The Space in September 2020. He is also currently working with Foot Five on an array of online video performances and collaborative projects for the end of 2020 and early 2021.

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Magali Jeger

She is a Belgian actor, writer and director based in London. She is native in French and Dutch, speaks English, Flemish and Hebrew fluently and is intermediate in Spanish. At East 15 Magali explored the fundamentals of theatre making and learned to create, experiment and develop as a versatile artist. Furthermore, she has trained at the New York Film Academy, the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts and ISI Denpasar in Balinese Dance Drama. 

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Monika Matošević
She is a Croatian actress and a passionate theatre maker. Before coming to England she spent three and a half years attending Method Acting classes in Zagreb. Her love for acting and theatre brought her to East 15 Acting School where she studied World Performance. Now Monika is based in London putting her training into new projects, while she patiently waits to be able to tour around the world with theatre companies wishing one day she will have her own.

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Sofia Canosa

Movement Director

She is an Italian / New Zealand actress and dancer. In addition to her East 15 training, she has been lucky to train at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) and Sofia has become a qualified stilt performer. Since graduating, Sofia has worked with Indigo Arts Collective on "Choreography Confined", a dance short film that has been selected for multiple film festivals. She has also returned to Moscow as a participant of Innopraktika and Russian Seasons' Theatre Session.

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